Within the life cycle perspective, when the lifetime of our products/parts are ended they are recycled or disposed as molten by the licensed companies according to the regulations of the country where the parts are present.

Cemas has ISO 9001: 2008 and IATF 16949 Quality Assurance System Certificates and all processes are realized by providing continuonus improvements within these systems. Furthermore Cemas has GL,BV,LR,RINA and ABS certifications requested in marine sector.
Çemaş has registered it’s quality once again with obtaining TS EN ISO 14001, ISO 50001 and OHSAS 18001 certificates.





• To meet expectations of customers, employees suppliers, community and environment.
• "Continuous improvement" principle in production and service.
• To be reliable and preferred with our quality and service.
• To be an efficient, profitable casting and machined parts supplier.




ÇEMAS Inc. in the field of casting and machining activities in which it operates, to protect the environment, to use the energy efficiently and to provide a safe and healthy work environment.

 • In all its defined activities ÇEMAŞ Inc. promises to demonstrate diligent care for protection of environment, contribute to the cultural development, keep the Occupational Health & Safety at the highest level with the support of scientific studies, and transform every bit of spent energy into more product and service.
• To prioritize the protection of human health and be open to the public.
• To reduce the industrial wastes those are either solid, liquid and gas, and take the preventive measures against all kind of pollution.
• To invest in to recycling and waste exterminating without harming the environment and nature.
• Continuous enhancing and ameliorating our environment policy and reducing the use of natural resources and raw material. 
• To reduce wastes as supporting the recycling and re-evaluation activities.
• To reduce the occupational accidents and sicknesses to the minimum.
• To reduce energy cost and use, and increase the energy productivity.
• Continuous enhancing and ameliorating our environment policy.
• ÇEMAŞ Inc. promises to execute its all defined activities according to ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 50001 and all related laws.
• ÇEMAŞ Inc. promises the accessibility of all the information and sources that are required to reach the targets defined by Energy Performance indications.
• To increase the energy performance as using the new or enhanced technologies for our products and processes, prevent environmental pollution, keep the occupational health and safety as number one priority and enhance it continuously.
• To purchase energy productive materials and services in order to ameliorate energy performance during our designing and production processes.
• To plan and execute education activities for our employees, suppliers and customers in order to enhance the consciousness of occupational health and safety and energy.
• We hereby undertake to share our Environment, Occupational Health and Safety and Energy Systems with public and our employees and to consider the proposals in order to realize our policies.
• We hereby undertake to decrease energy consumption by 1% every year until 2018.

All the above commitments are published after confirmation of our General Director.
Our company supports the IATF 16949 Quality Management System , TS/OHSAS-18001 Management System, ISO-14001 Environment Management System and ISO-50001 Energy Management System by its OHS and Energy Policies and Quality Policy.
Our Environment, OHS and Energy Policy is annunciated to our employees by courses, brochures and conspicuous visual ads.
We check that the policy is comprehended by our employees after audits, courses and one on one conversations of our directors with employees. The effectiveness of the policy is reviewed during our Management Review Meetings. With our Quality Policy The annunciation of our Environment, OHS and Energy Policy to the 3rd persons such as suppliers, customers and shareholders is made sure by broadcasting it on our web site.

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